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As customers of The Movies, we believe that, you deserve a great loyalty program.
That’s why The Movies has introduced the new Super Card loyalty program. 

Membership is free and is valid at The Movies Renaissance Marketplace, The Movies IMAX Gloria, and the Movies Principal.

The new membership program was designed so that you can earn points more quickly, and redeem those points more frequently, towards the purchase of concession items and movie tickets. It even gives you a free medium salt popcorn when you sign up at our box office!

How do you accumulate points, and what is their value?

• Super Card must be presented to the cashier before the transaction is begun at the register. After swiping the card, points will begin accumulating on all items in that sale.
- Points cannot be accumulated after the transaction has been completed.
- Points cannot be accumulated if Super Card points are being used as payment.
• Points will accumulate at the rate of 5% back on box office and concession
purchases, when paying with credit card or cash.
• Super Card points have a value of 1 point = AWG1 at cash registers. However, Super Card points cannot be redeemed for cash.

How do you redeem your points?

• Super Card points can be used to purchase concession items
- If being redeemed for a concession item, present your card to the cashier before you begin your order, telling them that you would like to redeem your points.
- If the points accumulated are not enough to cover the purchase total, you can pay the difference in cash or credit card.
• Super Card points can also be redeemed to receive free movie tickets 
- To redeem points for a movie ticket, you must have the minimum amount of points for the value of the ticket. For example, if the ticket that you are purchasing is AWG8, you need to have at least 8 points to redeem. If the ticket is AWG10, you need to have at least 10 points to redeem.

Are there any restrictions associate with the Super Card?

• Super Card points are valid for the current year that they are earned.
- For example, points earned during 2020 can only be used for purchase made in 2020.
• Do Super Card points carry over to the next year? 
- We want you to enjoy your benefits and encourage you to use your points frequently. To support this goal, Super Card points will expire one year from purchase date 
• Can I combine my Super Card points with someone else? 
- No, points are personal, nontransferable, and cannot be given away, sold,
transferred, donated, or inherited from one member to another. You worked hard for those points, and we want you to enjoy them.
• Points do not apply with other promotion, premiere, special events or alternative content. 
• The Super Card loyalty program is designed to be used for personal purchases, not commercial purchases. 
• If you lose a card, you can request a replacement one for AWG10.  

The Movies has the right to change any rules or the right to discontinue The Movies Super Card without any notice.